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Outsourced Services

Getting Your Business the Help Needed

Cross Northwest is committed to providing a wide range of outsourced services to our clients.  Our outsourced services expand the depth of your team as needed.  We work with many different professional service providers and specialists every day that compliment our team’s core competencies.  We have the answers to your business challenges or will help you find the people that do.

Outsourced Services Offered


Sales, sales, and more sales. Getting more and better sales is the best way to grow the value of your company.  The biggest challenge for most companies is generating enough sales consistently.  The Cross Northwest team has extensive experience in sales across a wide range of industries.  We can help you develop and execute an effective sales strategy so your business will to generate the sale you desire.

Whether your business requires full time sales people or a network of independent sales professionals Cross Northwest can recruit, engage, and train an effective sales force for your company.

Contact us today to learn more about how our outsourced services can improve your sales efforts.


Effective business marketing methods are changing at light speed.  The phone book has been replaced by Google.  Print ads have been replaced by online ads.  Social Media allows businesses to reach thousands of potential clients they would have never reached before.  There are so many choices and avenues to choose from.  What is right for your business?

Marketing is a new world to say the least.  Businesses have access to more ways to engage potential clients, establish themselves as a leader in their area, provide relevant information about their products and services, and drive more revenue than ever before.  Knowing the best way to promote your type of business is key.  We have the resources to develop and tailor an effective marketing campaign for your business utilizing the latest and most cost effective methods.

Contact us today to learn how our outsourced services can help your marketing.


Finance is the management of your money in the business.  Finance is often overlooked by business owners until they need money to fund an expansion, buy more inventory, or new equipment.  We can help you take a good look at how you are funding your business and make changes to improve your bottom line.  If you are planning an expansion or preparing for growth we can work with you and lenders to ensure you have the capital necessary to move your business forward.

Contact us to learn more about how our outsourced services can help you manage your money better.


Good accounting is valuable to a business.  Accounting for the sake of going through the motions is a waste of time and money.

There are two questions we ask when we look at a business’s accounting methods and processes.

  1. Do you have the information you need to fully understand your business’s financial position readily available?
  2. Is your accounting work looking forward to ensure you are addressing issues before they become problems?

If you are just going through the motions your accounting work is not helping you to spot potential problems early.  What value is it really providing?  Many businesses do the accounting work “just because” it is a normal part of business.  Why not turn your accounting work into a valuable tool for running your business?

Contact us to learn how our outsourced services can help your accounting work become a valuable management tool.

Human Resources

The people in your business are your most valuable asset.  Protecting this asset requires keeping up to date with the programs, policies, benefits, and wages necessary to attract and retain good people.  This alone can be a full time job.

When you consider employee handbooks, personnel policies, healthcare requirements, wage an hour laws, workman’s compensation, unemployment, and other regulations you need to follow or things you need to provide it is simply more than one person can do.

The HR needs of a small or large business are different but often times not dramatically.  Many smaller businesses opt to expose themselves to more risk simply because they do not think they can bear the cost to be fully protected.

Human Resources is a critical part of any business.  That is why we work with full time professionals dedicated to providing the best quality HR support possible.  We can show you how to effectively navigate the HR landscape and protect your greatest asset.

Contact us to learn more about how our outsourced services can help to provide world class HR resources for your company.

Advisory Services

You don’t know what you don’t know.  That is the biggest challenge for many executives.  One of the biggest advantages to working with the Cross Northwest team is our experience.  With over 150 years of experience we have probably seen it before, had to work through it, or know someone who has been in your situation.   We provide advisory services in several different ways.

At a board level we can be a part of your advisory team.  We can help to set up the board with qualified members.  As board members we will help guide the business for long term success.

At a project or issue level we can help you to develop the plans and help to implement solutions needed to move forward.

On an individual level we can provide one on one mentoring and/or act as a sounding board for people in your business.

Contact us to learn how our advisory services can help you fill in what you don’t know.

Interim/Fractional Management

Businesses sometimes find themselves with an unexpected gap in their team they cannot wait to fill.  Cross Northwest can provide interim management on an as needed basis so your business does not suffer while the transition is being made.

Our experience and extensive network of on demand professionals allows us to support your business effectively.  Each interim management role is either filled by or managed by one of our core team.

Fractional management is valuable to businesses that may not need a financial or operational person full time but your business would benefit with experienced support.  Fractional management allows businesses to customize the time these experienced professionals are utilized.  This provides a highly skilled professional in your business as needed.

Contact to learn more about our interim/fractional management solutions.


Recruiting key team members is a core competency of Cross Northwest.  We have been recruiting and hiring people for over 30 years.  We work internally and with outside resources to get your roles filled with the right candidates.

We work with the client to develop a comprehensive understanding of the role.  We work with the people that will interface with the team member to develop the personal and technical skills required to be successful.  This information is used to develop appropriate job posting and position requirements that will allows us to attract and screen for only the best fit candidates.

We use science and experience to find the right candidates for key roles.

Contact us to learn more about our recruiting solutions.

Managed IT Services

The IT infrastructure used in business today is constantly changing.  Cloud Resources, virtual servers and software as a service (SAAS) have changed the business support needs and the costs for these services.

Competent technicians and up to date managed IT services save your company money while providing valuable features your business could not afford before.

Contact us to learn more about our managed IT services.

Social Media/Digital Marketing

We have social media and digital marketing experts.  If you want to launch your Facebook campaign for target marketing, get your message to the masses through Twitter, or connect with professional networks on LinkedIn we can guide you through it.  Social media and digital marketing is being used by many traditional companies to gain sales from new market channels.  Social media and digital marketing by itself will not generate sales.  It is not a pot of gold just waiting to be found.  It takes focused efforts measurement of progress to realize the full benefits of these efforts.  We know how to utilize social media and digital marketing to drive sales.  We will help make sure you don’t get left behind by your competition.

Contact us to let our social media and digital marketing experts discuss your needs.