Cross NW - Cross Northwest, Inc | Garrett Mayock
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Garrett Mayock

Senior Associate

Houston, Texas

Garrett Mayock began working with Cross Northwest in 2013 as an intern post-graduation. He has moved into several roles with the company and now heads up Cross’ southwest office based in Houston, Texas. Garrett specializes in financial analysis, valuation, diligence, market research, and document creation, to name a few of the myriad responsibilities for Cross’ clients.

Prior to CrossNW, Garrett worked for consulting firms on projects for some of the world’s most dynamic companies, including Microsoft, Disney, Google, GE, Chevron, Shell, Maersk, and more. While he valued the experienced gained at these companies, Garrett is happiest being in the trenches working hands-on with the business owner/entrepreneur that Cross works with every day. The opportunity to affect life-changing actions for clients is deeply satisfying, and to contribute his analytical skills to help businesses operate at their optimal level is a personal passion.

In Exit Your Way® “Analysis” means more than just taking the numbers as they are and projecting and producing a report. It also means understanding why things are the way they are – and how they could be. Most importantly, this information is communicated to stakeholders with the purpose of taking action; doing it, not just talking about it.

Garrett’s role in Exit Your Way® goes beyond the analysis to help pinpoint business strengths and weaknesses both tangible and intangible. In doing so, we’ll solidify strengths as competitive advantages and take action to mitigate weaknesses. This process helps increase the value of the business and helps prepare clients for the most important event in their business life.


University of Washington, Seattle, WA

BA Business Administration: Finance

Certificate of International Studies in Business (CISB)


Freie Universität, Berlin, Germany

Study Abroad (2011-2012)


Languages: Highly proficient in German