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Why Your Customers Love Bourbon

Why Your Customers Love Bourbon

(PART ONE: Hospitality and Bourbon)


Well, let’s start from the beginning. Your customers didn’t always love Bourbon. In fact, they didn’t always love Manhattans. Seriously, think back to your first taste of whiskey. Most likely it burned the hell out of your throat. Now think back to your first taste of coffee. Most likely it tasted bitter and left you with a lasting sense of disgust.

So you started consuming these products with their original tastes disguised almost past the point of recognition. Over time you associated the base flavors with the positive feelings they provided. Before you knew it, the distaste had been completely replaced with an enthusiastic curiosity to try varieties that best suited your maturing preferences. Because we are humans, we are stubborn and we are determined.

Each generation has learned to appreciate and crave flavors that made awful first impressions. Whiskey definitely falls into this category, however, it’s our job to remind our customers that it doesn’t have to be there for long. We are the catalyst for introducing the history of these base spirits and the behind-the-label craftsmanship that brings its best qualities forward.

That’s where Bourbon whiskey falls perfectly into place. The history of Bourbon is our shared American history and we are continuing to build it. We should embrace this and educate our customers on the fact that:

“Bourbon whiskey is the common thread weaving our American stories of hard-work, tradition, innovation, and shared enjoyment of the fruits of these labors.”

Jim Beam Line-up bourbon Why Your Customers Love Bourbon whisky 461872I just wrapped up a Kentucky Bourbon Trail tour and realized a few things beyond production and taste. If we’re running our businesses with the same passion and vision like the Jim Beam family distillers, we could have a legacy that spans seven generations. For over 200 years the Beam family has been producing and influencing the way we enjoy Bourbon. If there’s one thing you take from this, it’s that the Bourbon whiskey distillers in Kentucky focus on a few important things we sometimes forget.

While we’re running our businesses, we can take for granted that the bar and restaurant industry is about a passion for hospitality. With that, what’s often overlooked is the consistency of our brand offerings, the action of educating our customers of the benefits of our unique style, and a sincere engagement with the people visiting our establishments. We must be community members who hire people that share our passion and inspire them to add Bourbon Barrels bourbon Why Your Customers Love Bourbon barrel 52934value by taking pride in their work. This trip was a reminder of what gives businesses the strength to weather hard economic times and establish companies with integrity that create long-term value.
Now there’s far more to this story: over 200 years of politics, scientific advances, wars, natural disasters, and familial ties – so I’ve decided to break it up into a few different parts.

Please check-back to hear more about how Bourbon has shaped our present product offerings and customer expectations within the bar and restaurant industry.