Deal Advisory
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Deal Advisory

Our deal advisors are working on deals every day.  Cross NW’s Deal Avisory combines the important benefits of Investment bankers, business brokers, and highly skilled business advisors to help our clients successfully navigate the challenges of preparing and selling their business.  This same experience allows the Cross NW team to help buyers get into the business they want.

Investment bankers and business brokers are focused mainly on the deal.  Business advisors are focused on specific business problems at hand.  The Cross NW combines approach integrates the investment bankers ability to fund, the business brokers ability to sell, and the business advisors ability to solve business challenges in a complete package we call deal advisory.

Why do we do this?

We started out as a transactionally focused business brokers.  After many, many business meetings where we sat across the table from a business owner and discussed the sale of their business we realized that these owners were usually in a tough spot.  They were often given a business value that was much lower than they had expected.  These owners have to decide whether or not they can live with the returns from the sale or if they are going to be forced to stay in the business longer to save more money for retirement.  We thought this was bull shit and we wanted to be more than just business brokers.  We wanted to give these owners options.  Meaningful options that would help them realize the value they wanted from their businesses.

We thought someone had to be helping these owners.  We wanted to partner with a group that could help these businesses increase their value and prepare for the sale.  We searched and met with a number of professionals and firms.  What we realized is that the vast majority of professional service provides have a focus on a small piece of a business.  CPA’s focus on finance, accounting, and tax strategies.  Business Advisors focus on coaching, executive team building, operational improvements, IT and other highly specialized areas.  Lawyers focus on the legal needs of the business.

This research led us to form our own team.  Combining our own people and outside firms with the skills needed to set down with owners and have meaningful conversations about what they want to do.  Being great business brokers is no longer our only focus.  We are great business brokers but we have set up the team that is even better at providing owners options.  Now we help business owners create the exit they want.