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If you sold your business today do you know what it would go for? Maybe be you know, maybe you don’t. The bigger question is are you satisfied with that return?

Most business owner’s we talk to don’t know, and are not satisfied with their number.  You will be told that the Market is “the Decider” and you have to accept what the Market will bear. Not anymore.

We are CROSS NORTHWEST. We help businesses owners like you take control of the Market so you can Exit Your Way™.  We start by growing sales. Then we manage that growth to increase profitability. The result in a an exponentially larger exit number. $$  Every $$ earned can result in a 4-12 X return on an exit!! This is Exit Your Way™

Sales Acceleration + Results Management = $$$ X-it

Our Services

Exit Your Way


We help companies Accelerate their sales.

If with you are satisfied with your sales don’t read any further.

We have helped companies achieve double-digit growth year in and year out for over $250,000,000 + is sales.

This program is not just for companies looking to exit..


Increasing sales is awesome, no doubt, but the bottom-line must align. Not as glamorous for sure, but just as essential.

We work under the hood. Our Team specializes in managing transitions, growth & turn-around.

Tap our bench to maximize your number…


Selling or Buying a business, in the high-stakes, high-risk business of deal-making, you need an advisor who thinks like an entrepreneur.

The only good way to exit your business is to sell it. Don’t die at your desk.

We are the only advisors using a Team approach to your Deal…

Exit Your Wayis a proven program that delivers results. Who does this? NOBODY!

Don’t be fooled by the pretenders and the wannabes. We are not Consultants, Business Brokers, or M&A Advisors. We offer a Team approach to an exit. Hands-on. NOBODY does this.

Be clear, we are NOT just talking strategy. We are talking implementation, boots on the ground, resources you thought you couldn’t afford. Brokers focus on the deal, not the business. They tell you to take what the market will bear, and convince you to accept it. Consultants tell you how to improve your business; they talk, they don’t do.

With CROSS NW as a partner you are NOT at the mercy of the market. Exit Your Way™ with the money you deserve.

About Us

Cross NW is disrupting the way M&A, Business Brokers and Consultants do business by rolling up our sleeves and getting in the trenches with business owners so that they can exit their business on their own terms. Services include;  Sales Acceleration, Results Management and Deal Advisory.


We have assembled a team of elite entrepreneurs that are experienced in turnaround and fast growth environment. We don’t do drive by consulting. We are not monitors. Cross NW is forged by the passions and vision of business owners, managers and leaders with the mission to help business owners realize the full potential of their enterprises, and reap the benefits fully afforded by the blood, sweat and tears put forth in their creation.

Why Choose Us?

The Cross Team of professionals has a unique combination of experience in Business, Advisory and M&A Transactions,  including experience as principal investors, prior owners and operators of businesses, and have completed a wide variety of transactions. Our client-driven focus and high quality standards allow us to be relentless in the pursuit of maximizing value for our clients.


Deal makers with over 175 collective years of successfully improving, owning and operating businesses.


Is a cornerstone of our organization. We respect and diligently protect the privacy of our clients.


Committed to our values that guide our actions.


We love this job!! Going to work every day with an ``enthusiasm unknown to mankind.``