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The Cross Difference

More Than Just Brokers

Most M&A Advisors are focused on just one thing—completing the transaction—but at Cross NW, we go further.


Sell-side engagements start with a pre-market valuation. But most business owners don’t know what their businesses are worth, and many times when they find out they’re disappointed. Unfortunately, it’s the market that determines the selling price not “what you need.”  The difference between what an owner thinks their business is worth (or needs) and its true market value is what we call the “Value Gap.”

Here at Cross NW we know how to close that gap. If the pre-market business valuation isn’t where you expected it to be, that’s when we get to work.


We do not do drive by consulting because the best plans are changing from the minute you start executing them.  We get in the trenches and work in the business to ensure you are reaching your value goals.  We help owners Exit Your Way™.

Sales Acceleration

There are over 100 critical value drivers that buyers look for when they are buying a business. By the time you discover your value isn’t where you want it to be, you don’t have the time to roll the clock back 10 years and re-do the business the way you now wish you would have from the start. You need to change course immediately and you need results NOW.


The answer is Sales. Sales solves problems. Because we have worked so many deals we know first-hand that of those 100+ critical value drivers, top-line sales is the most impactful. Every dollar gained through increased sales is multiplied exponentially in an exit. Because sales makes the biggest difference, that’s where we start.  Sales Acceleration is the tip of the spear. We get in and quickly assess your organization from top to bottom to understand your resources, people and technology. The we install our Sales Acceleration program that combines your resources and ours to get more sales.


And we don’t stop there.

Managing Growth

Increased sales can solve a lot of problems, but can also create problems like rapid growth and how to manage that growth.  These are the good kinds of problems!


Our experienced management team are experts in operational optimization, strategic planning and turn-around in a variety of industries.  They are available to work hand-in-hand where you need the help so you don’t have to invest the time or money to build a world class team. You don’t have the time anyway, so use our bench.


This is where the remainder of those 100 value drivers come into play. They fall into 6 specific areas:

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Finance
  • Operations
  • Human Resources
  • Strategic Planning
  • Corporate Governance

These are critical factors that buyers are looking for. Without addressing these vital areas, your business may be overlooked as a serious acquisition candidate. We help make your company attractive to potential buyers by getting under the hood and fine-tuning your business to ensure top performance and sustainable growth.


For some owners, when the value gap is closed, we help them get out of the business on their terms so you can “Exit Your Way™”

Exit Your Way

We quickly realized that there was an opportunity to help our clients with more than just exit advisory. The Exit Your Way™ process leads with sales acceleration followed by growth management. In essence, we either make you money or save you money. Buyers that see quick upticks that can show the beginning of a trend, see increased value. It is a proven system that works.


At Cross NW we won’t tell a client what they want to hear just to get the engagement—and we lose business because of it. With most brokers, once the Value Gap is determined the conversation usually ends. We continue the conversation by asking where do you need to be? And, let’s talk about how we get there.


When your value hits the magic number, we help you through every facet of the exit process including post-transaction. We don’t leave buyers high-and-dry. We work with them post-sale to continue the momentum and make the deal successful for all parties. When we help you Exit Your Way™, it’s a win-win for everyone and deals get done.


Every member of our team has founded, owned and run companies. We are experienced Operators that have worked in the trenches and to help you realize the ultimate fruition of your life’s work. It’s never too soon to start thinking about your exit, even if its years or decades away. Our programs help business owners at any stage of the business life cycle. Run your business like you need to sell today and you’ll be running at peak performance.

It starts with a conversation.