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Our Team

We are experienced business owners, managers, and specialists utilizing our diverse experience to provide value to our clients.

Andrew Cross, CM&AA, CBI

Principal | Certified Business Intermediary®

Andrew Cross founded Cross Northwest, Inc. after a successful corporate career in manufacturing where he held key executive management positions for small lower middle-market companies in the Automotive, Aerospace & Defense industries was responsible for the acquisition and integration of several businesses. Cross Northwest represents clients with annual sales of M to M with a focus on the business ownership transfer process conducted at the highest degree of confidentiality.
Being in the trenches with the small business owner Andrew Cross gained an appreciation for the unique challenges that small business owners face and has a passion for small business. He entered M & A to help entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams. Andrew Cross is a veteran deal-maker and considered an entrepreneurial business leader and valued advisor to business owners, CEO and Board of Directors relative to business sales, merger & acquisition, capital formation, private equity, corporate growth strategy and corporate governance.
Andrew Cross has earned designations as Certified Merger & Acquisition Advisor® (CM&AA), and Certified Business Intermediary® (CBI) from the Alliance of Merger & Acquisition Advisors and the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA) respectively. Andrew Cross is one of an elite group of over 400 experienced corporate financial advisors worldwide to have earned the CM&AA and CBI certifications. These designation serve to distinguish those individuals who have mastered a comprehensive body of essential knowledge and also have committed to staying abreast of continuing new developments in the M&A profession.

BA, University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Studies in Masters of Business Administration, Eastern Michigan University –Ypsilanti
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Andrew Cross founded Cross Northwest after a successful corporate career in manufacturing management. positions for companies in the Automotive..

Damon Pistulka

Managing Partner

Damon Pistulka comes to Cross Northwest, Inc. after a successful 25+ year career where he held key technical, operational, and executive management positions for companies in diverse industries such as; aerospace & defense, retail automation, automotive, medical, and consumer products. Damon Pistulka specializes in developing plans and executing changes to increase business value, facilitate succession, transition to semi-absentee ownership, and exit.
Damon Pistulka grew up understanding the value of hard work on a large Midwestern family farm. Damon Pistulka began his professional career as a engineering intern working his way through college. In his twenties Damon Pistulka was given the opportunity to design, build, and operate a plastics injection molding facility located in the Southeastern USA. In his career, Damon Pistulka has been responsible for the startup, management, and sale of businesses with over 400 employees, managing multiple facilities, and revenues in excess of million. As the architect and implementer of growth initiatives, efficiency improvements, product and process development, financial initiatives, turnarounds, consolidations, and diversification; Damon has successfully led organizations through significant change while increasing revenues, market share, and profitability.
Damon Pistulka brings this first hand knowledge as a valued partner across a wide range of matters relative to business management, business development, operational management, performance management, financial management, strategy development and execution. Damon has a passion for helping businesses and the people in them reach their full potential.

BS, Mechanical Engineering, South Dakota State University
Masters of Science coursework in Industrial Management, South Dakota State University
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Damon manages the Cross Northwest, Inc. Seattle office serving customers in the PNW, Alaska, and Hawaii.

    Alan J. Statz, ASA, CBA, CBI, MBA

    Director, Valuations & Appraisals

    Al Statz specializes in the valuation of small to mid-sized closely-held companies, fractional interests and intangible assets for business owners, shareholders, attorneys, CPAs, fiduciaries, courts, lenders and others who need reliable and defensible valuations. Typical uses of Al’s valuations include estate planning, estate, gift and other tax filings, succession planning, mergers and acquisitions, buy-sell planning and transactions, management buy-outs, financing, reorganizations, ESOP, bankruptcy, shareholder disputes, marital dissolutions and litigation support. Since 1990 Al Statz has participated in the valuation, sale, merger and acquisition of hundreds of businesses.His industry experience encompasses manufacturing, distribution, food and beverage, professional practices, marketing services, many types of B2B and personal services, construction, technology, telecommunications, internet, transportation and logistics, retailing, entertainment and hospitality. Al Statz has developed courses, authored articles and addressed various groups of accountants, attorneys,  financial advisors, intermediaries and business owners on business valuation, exit planning and M&A. Al Statz is accredited as a Certified Business Appraiser (CBA) by the Institute of Business Appraisers and is an Accredited Senior Appraiser (ASA) with the American Society of Appraisers.
    Previously Al Statz was president of Industrial Devices Corporation, a M manufacturer of robotics for industrial automation. Al acquired an east coast company and assimilated it into IDC’s operations. IDC merged with seven other firms and was eventually sold to multi-national Danaher Corp (NYSE: DHR). Prior to that, Al integrated business acquisitions, developed and launched numerous products, led sales and marketing teams and business development efforts, formed successful strategic alliances and built worldwide sales channels for early-stage and mature companies, both publicly and privately held.

    Master’s in Business Administration, Golden Gate University – San Francisco
    Bachelor of Science Electrical Engineering, University of Wisconsin – Madison
    Advanced coursework in management accounting, finance, economics & quantitative analysis
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    Al Statz specializes in the valuation of small to mid-sized closely-held companies, fractional interests and intangible assets for business owners, shareholders, attorneys, CPAs, fiduciaries, courts, lenders..

    • Location: Seattle, WA | Park City, UT

    Jeffry Graham

    Director, Sales and Marketing

    Jeffry Graham helps Cross Northwest and our clients improve their sales and marketing processes and effectiveness.  Jeffry started selling lemonade at the corner lemonade stand with his cousin when he was five years old. Some people are a natural when it comes to cooking, or teaching, or training dogs…Jeffry is a natural at sales and passionate about it.

    Jeffry Graham had a time when he avoided sales.  Later Jeffry realized that sales is actually quite simple; all you have to do is show a product or service to someone and explain how it solves their problem. 

    Over the last decade of conducting high-level sales, Jeffry Graham discovered there is a serious lack of good and affordable resources helping small businesses elevate their sales results. If you’re not a natural salesperson, or if you haven’t acquired five or 10 years of sales’ experience, it’s likely that your understanding of how to easily and comfortably make sales is a mystery to you.

    As a business owner, you’re an expert in your trade; you’re an expert at what you do. For example, if you’re a chef, you’re an expert at preparing a variety of amazing foods, but you’re not a salesperson. If you own a salon, you’re an expert at hairstyles, but you’re not a salesperson. You’re not an expert at growing sales because you’re not professionally trained to attract people to your restaurant or your salon. Your particular expertise is cooking great food or fashioning attractive hairstyles. And yet, you need to be good at sales so you can generate more business and secure your livelihood.

    This is exactly why Jeffry Graham created Howisell. Howisell is a program that actually teaches you exactly what you need to know to generate more sales. The program shows you how to focus your thoughts and activities on “the how of selling” the products and services you offer, and how you’re going to build your brand through ever-increasing sales, resulting in more success for you.

    Jeffry Graham has spent over a decade helping small businesses survive, and then expand and succeed. Under his guidance, numerous companies have earned double-digit growth year in and year out. As a business development professional with an excess of $250,000,000+ in career sales, growing businesses and helping small business owners is what Jeffry does. Jeffry knows how hard it is to build and run a successful business, and looks forward to helping you build and grow yours! 

    Rosemary Brester

    Director, Women Owned Enterprises

    Rosemary Brester joined Cross Northwest after they helped me sell a division of my business. Rosemary Brester will be the first to say she wasn’t really looking to sell, even if there would be an interest. At the time selling her business was not something she thought about, or thought she could do. Rosemary Brester and her husband Larry were busy making their business work. Circumstances made it clear it was something they needed to consider. After Andrew Cross, put a very creative deal together for us, he approached Rosemary about joining his team. Rosemary was not sure if she was qualified but her experience running a business was precisely why we wanted Rosemary to join Cross Northwest. Rosemary was not alone in being unprepared to sell her business. Most business owners are in the same predicament. Exiting is a HUGE deal in an entrepreneurs life. Rosemary loves to help people, especially entrepreneurs. Rosemary has learned so much in my 50 year career and working through this process with Cross Northwest. Rosemary’s experience can help our clients do this better.

    Rosemary Brester, a native Washingtonian is President/CEO, Hobart Machined Products Inc and Managing Partner, HB Aerospace LLC – A Joint Venture with Bowmill Engineering, UK.


    Carlos Veliz

    Director, Cultural Markets

    Carlos Veliz enhances the Cross Northwest brand with strong relationships and diverse business development focusing on engineering, recruiting, and cultural diversity. His 40 years of entrepreneurial experience on the west coast has made him a sought after adviser in aerospace, commercial, manufacturing, and minority owned businesses. Carlos Veliz has advised hundreds of start-up businesses and trained many more business owners on maximizing their potential. Carlos Veliz has won numerous awards from organizations such as the Puget Sound Business Journal, Aerospace Future Alliance, Small Business Administration, University of Washington, and Univision in community services, minority business development, aerospace business development, and business growth.  Carlos Veliz is a frequent speaker on understanding and engaging Hispanic, Latino, and other cultural markets.

    Carlos Veliz offers “Practical” support services and experience-driven advice in developing comprehensive programs designed to fit organizations in support of Strategic Business Planning, Business Development, Workforce Development, Organizational Assessment, Interim Management, and Management Development.

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    Garrett Mayock

    Business Analyst

    Garrett Mayock joined Cross Northwest as a Business Analyst in 2013 where he works across a variety of industries providing financial analysis, valuation guidance, due diligence, market research, and document preparation. Prior to joining Cross Northwest, Garrett Mayock worked as a revenue-side consultant, helping companies manage their business relationships and specializing in data analysis. He also has corporate experience working as a Financial Analyst and Online Advertising Analyst for Fortune Top 100 companies. Garrett Mayock is a graduate of the University of Washington, where he earned a BA in Business Administration in Finance and a Certificate of International Studies in Business (CISB). Additionally, Garrett Mayock spent a year studying Economics at the Freie Universität in Berlin, Germany and has business fluency in German.

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    • Location: Seattle WA

    Ian Cross

    Deal Flow Specialist

    Ian Cross has supports Cross Northwest in a variety of areas.  Initially brought on to handle social media marketing for Cross Northwest, his role has expanded to include marketing document creation, financial analysis, and market research. Ian Cross graduated in 2011 from the University of Denver with a BSBA in International Business. Prior to graduating, he began work at the nation’s leader in cinema advertising, National CineMedia LLC., providing executive management with detailed assessments of the competitive advertising landscape and product pricing, and supported a national sales staff responsible for over 60% of the company’s revenue. Ian Cross grew in that role, and rose to a managerial position before departing National CineMedia at the end of 2015.

    Trevor Marsh

    Senior Advisor, Bar & Restaurants

    Trevor Marsh joined Cross Northwest to compliment their business advisory and brokerage services for bar & restaurant owners.  Trevor Marsh has hands-on experience in the bar & restaurant industry turning ideas into iconic destinations with brand recognition. He understands the unique challenges and opportunities that are present in the industry and is passionate about hospitality and continued education. Trevor Marsh is able to quickly assess businesses strengths and weaknesses and build realistic plans that support brand evolution. Trevor’s experience in core Seattle neighborhoods like Downtown, Capitol Hill, the University District, Ballard, and Wallingford have provided great exposure to the varied demographics Seattle provides.

    Trevor Marsh helps business owners with: Bar/Restaurant Sales & Acquisitions, Exit Strategies, Profit Improvement, Brand Development/Evolution, Organizational Optimization, Staff Training, Targeted Demographic Design, Social Media Identity and Engagement, Operations and Management Coaching, Pricing Evaluation, Performance Measurement, and Business Plan Creation.

    Trevor Marsh is the Co-Creator/Operator of The Octopus Bar in Wallingford which recently won 2016 Best Neighborhood Bar at the Seattle Nightlife Awards presented by Ville Magazine. Trevor Marsh takes a great deal of satisfaction in seeing business owners realize their next level of success.