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Brokerage and Consulting Business Services

Cross Northwest has partnered with successful Seattle entrepreneur Trevor Marsh. He is a respected and active member of the bar, restaurant, and nightlife community. Trevor’s knowledge and passion for hospitality is backed by hands-on experience in both the front and back of the house, managing multiple locations, online social media and on-site marketing, brand development, and creating/operating and owning restaurants & bars in the Puget Sound region. He is committed to providing a wide range of brokerage and business services to our restaurant & bar clients.


With over 10 years of experience, you can trust Trevor Marsh with your business and brokerage needs in Seattle, Denver, and Park City.


Let Trevor’s proven restaurant & bar business experience expand the depth of your team.  If you’re looking to sell or improve your business, you need someone with an in-depth knowledge of the hospitality, and restaurant & bar community. Contact Trevor Marsh with the Cross Northwest team.

Currently Trevor Marsh is the Co-Creator & Operator of The Octopus Bar in Seattle, which recently won 2016 Best Neighborhood Bar at The Seattle Nightlife Awards presented by Ville Magazine. The Cross Northwest team and Trevor’s professional expertise in Bars, Restaurants, and Hospitality include:

  • Neighborhood Bars, Pubs, and Taverns
  • Sports Bars
  • Cocktail & Hotel Lounges
  • Craft Cocktail Bars & Gastropubs
  • Popular Dance & Nightclubs
  • Wine & Tasting Rooms
  • Music & Performance Venues
  • Restaurants serving: American (Traditional & Modern), Italian, Mexican, Pizza, Breakfast & Brunch, Seafood, Steak, Tapas & Small Plates

Bar & Restaurant Brokerage Services

Restaurant & Bar Business Brokerage

One of the biggest advantages of selling your restaurant or bar business with Trevor Marsh and the Cross Northwest brokerage team is our professional experience. We see the unique value in each opportunity and market it to the “target potential buyers”. Our goal is to allow the seller(s) to realize the highest price possible for their business.


Our proven and individualized approach ensures confidentiality, thorough understanding of the business, detailed marketing materials, strategic negotiating, professional representation, accessible communication and partnership. Contact Trevor Marsh to learn more about how we prepare your bar and restaurant for sale, qualify buyers, and manage an efficient close.


We lead buyers through the process of obtaining the appropriate permits and licenses reducing the time to close.  Our ability to close deals on-time within the restaurant and bar industry is a proven reality that separates our brokers from anyone else on the market.  We are business owners and brokers here to serve your needs.


We invest the time it takes to lead our restaurant & bar buyers through an efficient closing including preparing license documentation, progress tracking, and customized checklists.


Let’s talk about how we can help to sell your restaurant or bar today!

Reasons for Selling

It’s the first question every buyer asks and we need to know what is motivating this change in ownership. Life is obviously more complicated than a sentence and the bar and restaurant industry has it’s share of unique challenges. Here’s a few reasons why we see business owners in Seattle, Denver, and Park City ready to sell their bar or restaurant.

  1. I’m ready to retire.
  2. My time and energy is being focused on a different project that requires my attention.
  3. I’m proud of the business I’ve built and I’m ready to sell it for the value it’s now worth.
  4. My personal situation has changed and I need to give another person an opportunity to own this restaurant.
  5. I am looking for a buyer because I wasn’t able to succeed as much as possible in this location with this concept for my bar.
  6. I am not able to give this business the time it needs to thrive.

If any of the above statements describes your situation, don’t hesitate to contact Trevor Marsh to discuss your options.


Retirement, Growth, ChangeConsider selling your bar or restaurant with Cross Northwest Hospitality and Brokerage.


Our professional team will learn your unique goals and needs to develop a plan for your transition

What is your Fair Market Value?

Industry best practices dictate the process of valuing your restaurant or bar, but our dedicated brokers are professionals who know there are variables beyond the numbers. We will work with you to help you understand how these factors can either increase or decrease your fair market value. The sale price generally depends on profits and, in most cases, the sale price is a multiple of your business profits.


In addition, perception of value can be increased by competitive locations, hard-to-find lease-holds, service offerings, strong brand identities, landmark nostalgia, and many other subjective situations. Business valuation is not an exact science and the final value of your business is ultimately determined by the match between the buyer and the seller. Every market and neighborhood in Seattle, Denver, and Park City requires investing individual attention to learn what separates your restaurant or bar from your competition.


If our valuation of your fair market value does not meet your expectations then our team of specialists can provide ways to increase your margins and overall value.


Our team is often hired to consult on pre-sale projects when the owner of a restaurant or bar is able to extend the sale time period so a more desired price can be reached.


Contact Trevor Marsh if you have any questions or are interested in learning more about the value of your business

Time is Money

skgnyy6pk9Permits and paperwork are a hassle. We use our experience and proprietary materials to assist future buyers of your bar or restaurant to streamline the experience for both parties into a successful closing date. Every bar or restaurant owner has different needs and experience levels. CrossNorthwest has a proven track record of educating buyers above and beyond other brokerages by providing them with the resources they need to confidently close on time.


Our goal is to continue to be the leader in Seattle, Denver, and Park City when bar and restaurant owners are ready to sell their business because they can trust our time management to get the job done. Our client relationships are developed through our consistent ability to target buyers and finalize deals.


Contact Trevor Marsh and the Cross Northwest brokerage team to learn more about  saving you time and energy with our processes!

Confidentiality is Paramount

the-bottle-427953_1920If a staff member or neighborhood blog announced your bar or restaurant is for sale, what are the possible consequences?


Marketing your business opportunity for sale is the most exciting challenge for our team because we understand that confidentiality can be critical to protecting the success of a target sale price and closing date. Our industry professionals are experienced in screening potential buyers and bringing you individuals with genuine interest. Our goal is to protect your business from any interruptions so that the completion of the sale occurs and the future owner transitions as planned.

Are Your Financials and Accounting Ready for a Buyer?

When a potential buyer does their due diligence, accurate and complete records are a key piece of the transaction. The better records you have the more you reduce doubt in the overall quality of the business information. You want all of your hard work to pay off in the sale, so be sure you have current, detailed records that provide an accurate assessment of the company’s financial position and future projections. If your business is large enough a financial audit may be appropriate.


Good accounting is valuable to a business.  Accounting for the sake of going through the motions is a waste of time and money.


There are two questions we ask when we look at a bar or restaurant’s accounting methods and processes.


  1. Do you have the information you need to fully understand your business’s financial position readily available?
  2. Is your accounting work looking forward to ensure you are addressing issues before they become problems?


Contact us to learn how we can make your accounting work provide value for a future sale.

How We Sell Your Business

trevor-at-octopus-sm-res-edit-13Your bar or restaurant is more than just P&L statements and inventory, it’s a integral part of a community. We pride ourselves in “getting inside your kitchen and/or behind your bar before we sell your cocktails and entrees.” Our main goal is to understand what makes your business valuable beyond these numbers so we can share that with the pool of buyers. After qualifying your next buyer, we’ll ensure the price and terms are agreeable for both sides and give each the tools to complete the sale. Look no further than CrossNW for the small business broker that will work harder than the rest to sell your business.


Contact us today to learn how we can help your marketing.

Interim Management and Alternative Staffing Options

The management team and other key employees are part of the overall business value. Loss of key employees during a sale can kill the deal. Key employees may be crucial to the ongoing success of the company. Assess which employees are prepared to stay with the company through the transition. If necessary incentivize them to stay during the transition.


Cross Northwest provides interim management or staffing on an as-needed basis so your business does not suffer while the transition is being made.


Our experience and extensive network of on-demand professionals allows us to support your business effectively.


Contact us to learn more about our interim/fractional management solutions while your business transitions to a new owner.