Jeffry Graham
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Jeffry Graham

Managing Partner, Sales & Marketing – COMIR

Seattle, Washington

Jeffry Graham is a managing partner at Cross NW and leads our efforts to help clients improve their top line.  He is our COMIR – “Chief of Making it Rain”.  When our clients experience the results he produces they wonder why they had not found someone to do this before.  It’s that simple.


Jeffry started selling lemonade at the corner lemonade stand with his cousin when he was five years old. Some people are a natural when it comes to cooking, or teaching, or training dogs…Jeffry is a natural at sales and he’s passionate about it.  When Jeffry realized that sales is actually quite simple; all you have to do is show a product or service to someone and explain how it solves their problem, he knew what he was supposed to be doing.


Over the last decade of conducting high-level sales and consulting, Jeffry Graham discovered there is a serious lack of good and affordable resources helping small & mid sized businesses elevate their sales results. If you’re not a natural salesperson, or if you haven’t acquired five or 10+ years of sales’ experience, it’s likely that your understanding of how to easily and comfortably make sales could still be a mystery to you.  Jeffry has applied his straight forward approach to understanding a company’s value and communicating that effectively to their clients to drive hyper growth (25%+).



“Sales solve problems.”

As a business owner, you’re an expert in your trade; you’re an expert at what you do. For example, if you’re a chef, you’re an expert at preparing a variety of amazing foods, but you’re not a salesperson. If you own a manufacturing company, you’re an expert at making great products, but you’re not a salesperson. You’re not an expert at growing sales because you’re not professionally trained to attract people to your manufacturing company or business. The great news is your don’t need to be an expert. That is why we are a great solution for your business.



Jeffry Graham has spent over a decade helping small businesses survive, and then expand and succeed. Under his guidance, numerous companies have earned double-digit growth year in and year out. As a business development professional with an excess of $300,000,000+ in career sales, growing businesses and helping small business owners is what Jeffry does. Jeffry knows how hard it is to build and run a successful business, and looks forward to helping you build and grow yours. As a trusted sales consultant & advisory for companies like GLG, Accenture, BusinessAdvising.Org, University of Washington & Western Washington University.


Top Selling Book Sales Success, A program built for small to medium sized corporations.

Over $250+ million In Lifetime Sales In Multiple Industries.

20 Million+ In Sales Growth for Clients In 2016

Featured in Various Professional Publications

Sales Team Trainer

Keynote Speaker

Published Author

Sold A Software Start Up To Microsoft In 2011

World Rank #6 – American Freestyle Motorcross Association – 2003



Orange Coast College

Real Estate License (State of Washington)


Best of Bellingham 2015 Sales & Marketing Consultants

Professional recommendations from top US attorneys