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Helping Clients Increase Revenues, Effectiveness, and Value

Cross NW is a resource for our clients throughout the life of their business.  Our experienced consulting team can help to fuel your top line revenues, get your company back on track, make your company more effective, get your company operating more profitably and/or ready to sell for more money.  Our consulting pays for itself many times over.

Sales Consulting

Our sales consulting professionals have 50+ years and have recorded over $500 million in sales in a wide variety of industries.  This experience is a well balanced blend of entrepreneurial selling in small companies and sales for large organizations.  We know how successful companies consistently grow and increase sales and we help our sales consulting clients do the same.  Potential clients often tell us that they didn’t know “sales consulting” was available.  Our sales consultants are focused on doing what it takes to help our clients increase top line revenue.  Our sales consultants help our clients understand their value proposition and communicate it clearly to potential buyers.  Our sales consultants can help your team land new business and grow the top line.  Learn more about our sales consulting.


Let us show you how our sales consulting will help increase top line revenues!

Strategic Advisory

Owning or Managing a business is demanding and lonely.  You are looked at as the one who should know everything and be able to do anything needed.  Everyone needs a support network to be successful.  Our strategic advisory consulting provides business professionals help with the direction of their business or solving problems.  It can be as simple as talking about a few ideas for improving the business or as complex as doing the analysis and deciding to acquire a competitor.  Our strategic advisory consultants have the experience you need to help you through these challenges.  We utilize the resources of our team and our vast network of specialized professionals to help our clients as needed.  We know that no one can be an expert at everything.  We are the resource that brings solutions to our clients problems. Our 175+ years of experience in a wide range of industries means we have probably been through it before so you don’t have to go through it alone. Learn more about our strategic advisory.


Let us show you how our strategic advisory services can help you!

Management & Value Consulting

Our Management Consulting team has extensive operational experience.  Our management consulting team will work with you to understand your goals, assess your business, and identify what can be done to achieve the desired results.  We will develop the plans and help your team execute the changes necessary.  We get under the hood and fine tune the business to ensure it is performing at peak levels with systems and measures to ensure continued performance.  We have applied lean business, lean manufacturing, six sigma, performance measurement and other improvement techniques in many different settings.  From simple area improvements to redesigning your entire business processes we have done it before and provide an experienced hand in making your business better. Learn more about our management consulting.

Let us show you how our management consulting will help your business!

Business meeting

Exit Your Way

Most business owners don’t get to plan their exit.  It is usually forced upon them by time or circumstances.  Our Management and & Value Consultants help to give business owners choices with our “Exit Your Way” program. When a business owner has prepared their business, they can exit with a sense of accomplishment.  These choices are made knowing the risks and rewards.  The business is prepared and ready for the owner to exit on a high note the way they choose.Some of our clients are ready to exit their businesses.  They can choose to sell the business ASAP, sell the business at a future date, or succeed the business. We help clients plan their exit to maximize the value in the available timeline.  Learn how we can help you to “Exit Your Way”


Let us show you how we can help you “Exit Your Way”!